Research Community Interdisciplinary Aerospace Design Environment 

RCAIDE is an open-source, python-based platform for designing, analyzing, and optimizing conventional passenger, drone, supersonic, and all/hybrid-electric aircraft. Developed by the Aerospace Research Community LLC, RCAIDE was conceived out of the idea to continuously build upon previously validated work to reduce latency in the design process. It can be therefore thought of as a computational test bench for you to push the barriers of one or many disciplines within aerospace with reassurance that other aspects or analyses required to perform full systems analyses will be covered.  At UIUC, we work on a fork of this code, called RCAIDE-UIUC.

Code Highlights

Extensive validation and verification (V&V)

Built upon the trust of a userbase over 10,000, from academia to industry

Hands-on tutorials for learning with a very gradual learning curve

Developed with code readability in mind without sacrificing efficiency

Signficant documentation and tutorials

Global RCAIDE Usage


Jump in and design! Here are some helpful steps for downloading and installing the code. There are stable releases and beta releases. RCAIDE is released with the permissive GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.


A computation tool is only as good as its documentation. Navigate to the documentation page to learn more about the code's architecture and best practices for running simulations or contributing to the project.


With any software package, the learning curve can be steep. As a result, we have provided a collection of tutorials utilizing many of the capabilities of the code. Our hope is that these will be the launch pad for you to do your own aircraft analyses!

External Software Packages 

RCAIDE contains several wrappers with external software to assist with visualization, analysis, and optimization. The links below can be used to navigate to installation instructions for these packages.

GUI Coming Soon!!!

Our graphical user interface (GUI) is under development and will be released soon.